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As Whitney Houston once sang: “I believe that children are the future.” With that being the case I’m focused on converting them to ink from an early age. My goal is for kids to go home and say “Daddy, where’s the pen?”

UTK will chronicle the adventures of Tablet PC in the lives of kids, juniors, students and more…

Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Dr. and Leon

If you’ve followed my blogging on UberTablet.blogspot.com you’ll quickly realize that Dr. Neil Roodyn and I are mates. In one post I went so far as to term the connection “almost umbilical.” With Neil’s prowess for all things ink it wasn’t long before my four year old son, Leon, would be affected by this man too.

UberTabletKids.blogspot.com is a realtime enactment of the trials and tribulations children face when challenged by Tablet. I think you’ll agree that their efforts are commendable and in many cases amicable when compared to us.

Sit back and watch Leon learn to ink to “Dr. Neil” on MSN. It’s his first attempt; and one that speaks volumes for Tablet PC as a tool for kids to learn and grow with. If you also take into account that Leon's arm is broken and he's only four years of age (at date of post) then you'll inevitably witness just how intuitive inking is for children. How ironic is it that he's inking to a Dr.?


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