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As Whitney Houston once sang: “I believe that children are the future.” With that being the case I’m focused on converting them to ink from an early age. My goal is for kids to go home and say “Daddy, where’s the pen?”

UTK will chronicle the adventures of Tablet PC in the lives of kids, juniors, students and more…

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hi, and welcome.

My name is Hugo Ortega, father of four year old Leon Gaston Ortega. While posting on all things Tablet PC, via the UberTablet website, I have featured Leon as a regular highlight. It was his ability to adapt to new technology that really caught my attention and that of loved ones around us. You see, Leon has been Googling since the age of three, a phenomenon I really wasn’t expecting. When I looked at the hypothesis of “Tablet PC as the most teachable form of computing for children under the age of three” I was astounded by my results.

I recall handing Leon a Tablet PC for the first time when he has four years and three months old. Now, before continuing it’s probably important to distinguish the role of computing and Tablet PC in our lives. Since an early age with Atari and Commodore 64 I had a passion, but no direction, for all things PCB. Unlike many of my peer I lacked leadership on this front, and therefore proper exposure. While taking baby steps towards the attainment of knowledge it wasn’t until Windows 95 that PC’s really started to influence my intentions in life.

My first PC was a Toshiba Libretto notebook that provided the computing power I needed for internet connectivity and was small enough to deem mobile. When Tablet PC came into my life, shortly after completing my Microsoft Certified Professional qualification, I remember instantly thinking that technology had finally gone full circle. Not only had the third-person action of moving a mouse to navigate through windows been demolished, but it had been enhanced by becoming pen enabled. I instantly realized the power of Tablet PC as a sophisticated tool; the beauty of Tablet however was its ability to disguise all this technology in sheep’s clothing. If you remember correctly of your first experience as a student it was more than likely with pen and paper. We’d lost DOS, keyboard and mouse and now come pack to pen; I could clearly see a market for Tablet PC for Children.

When I talk of Leon’s first Tablet related experience you need to know that Leon has been fairly spoilt when concerned with all things technology. When he came into this earth we already had several PC’s in our home; we also had a small network, broadband internet connectivity and a Dad that could fix almost anything he managed to break. If you look a these ingredients as a whole then it’s not hard to envisage that Leon’s first Tablet related experience was an almost intuitive one.

My intention with UberTabletKids.blogspot.com is to capture the special moments when children of Leon’s generation are exposed to Tablet PC. With my recent nomination as Vice President of the Parents and Citizens Committee at Leon’s School I now have access to countless volunteering children willing to Ink along with Leon. One thing you’ll note is that the children featured in this website do not hesitate with the technology, they do not focus on the price premium, or nor do they consider it as NEW or INNOVATIVE…it just is what it is, a Tablet!

For your own interest here are several occasions in which the Kids in my life have already Inked their way into my heart:


I have recently started podcasting, and on one momentous occasion I had the pleasure of sitting with .NET legend, and Tablet PC pioneer, Billy Hollis. Listen here as Billy describes his involvement in a Nashville School to make Tablet PC compulsory – the first example of its kind in Tennessee.


I do all I can to make your exposure to inking on Tablet “child’s play.” If you allow me, I’ll Blog my journeys in displacing Tablet PC as an unnecessary form of computing.

Tablet PC is the most riveting evolution of computing not yet to make a splash…


At 5:49 AM, Blogger MASTER said...

I am officialy Jealous O____O

Your 4 year old son has played with a tablet pc while I have never ever seen one in real life!

And I am 13.5 years.... Getting a bit old...

Good luck for this blog.

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